A Website Security Audit Needs to be Performed to Prevent Cyber Attacks

Poor security practices lead to hacking and invite cyber-attacks. An improved and updated online security prevents them. It is extremely necessary to know what all is installed in website to keep it secure. An updated security makes the website more efficient and involves less audit time. It is important to know what has been installed so that the chances of an attacker having access to the assets is reduced. Website monitoring is crucial and not a matter to be overlooked.

The attackers are always looking for new tactics and means to access websites. As a website is cleaned, managed and updated regularly, same way it is mandatory to update the website security knowledge periodically. Reading blog posts, articles, reports for latest information on CMS and website environment is absolutely necessary. Changing the default CMS settings for User, Comment settings and the general visibility of information is required. Checking for the latest software updates while setting suitable file permissions prevents an attack on the assets. The CMS should be running on the latest version available and security extensions need to be used for the same.

Make sure your CMS is running on the latest version available. For instance, for WORDPRESS website, security plugins such as the Sucuri Free WordPress Security Plugin can be installed. If the extensions and plugins are already installed then looking for latest update, age of extension and number of installations required need to be checked. Website Audit and Monitoring needs to be carried out where it needs to be made sure that the plugins have come from legitimate and trusted sources.

There has to be a reliable recovery plan in place always with backup options including offsite backup and automatic setup options available. A copy of the backup can be stored in a second location after checking the integrity of backups to see nothing is corrupted.

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