Betsson Runs Through The Steps To Rebrand Its Online Casino Brands Kroon Casino And Oranje

Betsson AB, the principal name among the providers of web-based casinos in the Netherlands, recently decided to rebrand its 2 online casinos, serving the Dutch Market. This is happening after the company attracted a major penalty by the regulatory body. Recently, the company decided that they would run Betsson promo code and also give a new makeover to its brands Kroon Casino and Ornaje Casino, assigning the names Loyal Casino and Casino Winner to these existing brands. It was in 2014 that Betsson acquired the ownerships of both these brands, previously licensed from Malta.

What is the present status of the rebranding process as of now? 

Kroon Casino has completed the necessary steps for its rebrand, and they have already started to redirect the traffic, trying to access their older site, to their new website. The company is also offering enticing celebration rewards to cover the inconvenience that the traffic is likely to feel. Though Oranje Casino is continuing with its older website, however, the company has declared that they will be switching over the new site within a very short time.

Looking back over the clash between KSA and Betsson

Last August, KSA, which is the regulatory body for the online casinos, imposed a massive fine of 300,000 Euros on one of the subsidiaries owned by Betsson Cranes Ltd, the umbrella that holds the brands like Kroon and Orange. Earlier, these sites were charged for operating as an online casino, without having the due work permit and license from the regulatory body. However, the company appealed against this fine, claiming that they have always complied with the prevailing laws and enactments.

The fact is, Betsson has been constantly criticizing the acts and activities by the regulatory bodies, and in the opinion of the company, KSA is not playing its role fairly, punishing operators who fail to get the chances to avail the local license under the provision of the previous enactment for the similar service providers.

Though the Senate House in the Netherlands has already approved a new set of legislation for the providers of web casino games, it is expected that the act will not come into existence, before mid-2020. It is during this time that it is expected that KAS will start inviting foreign companies to apply for the local license in the Netherlands.

It is now only up to the time to suggest if Betsson is taking the right initiative in the right direction.

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