GourmeTurca is Introducing Turkish Food Flavor to the World

Located in Istanbul, GourmeTurca is delivering Turkish foods and snacks all around the world. Its office is a logistic center that is bringing the unique flavors from every corner of Turkey to the whole world. GourmeTurca’s research development base is helping it to combine technology with flavor. It is testing many flavors to introduce the new taste to Turkish foods and snacks. The professional team is searching to find the most qualified and delicious products in a very fast way. The food packages are being shipped and delivered to thousands of customer every day through an e-commerce center.

GourmeTurca’s food is loved by everyone because it is popular for fresh food and never send stored products to the customers. It has a unique style of packaging that keeps food fresh during the shipping process. The food maker is very excited after hearing a ton of positive reviews every day. It is aiming to send hospitality, flavors, and a culture of Anatolia to different places all over the world. The employees get excited every day when they go office and just know how many people from different countries will reach the day. GourmeTurca is offering $25 Discount for first order and a large number of people are enjoying this offer every day.

GourmeTurca is offering coffee once a customer visits here, because in Istanbul culture, one cup of coffee is remembered for 40 years. It is hoping to embrace customer relationship more by making a lifelong friendship with customers.

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