What To Look For When Choosing A Tattoo Shop Or Artist

Tattoo shops and artists have emerged in great numbers with passing days. It is this necessary that we choose well-known shops, like for instance Hand of Glory Brooklyn. These are some points which must be followed during the process of choosing:

1) Research and Ask around:

This is the first and primary step you need to perform. Ask around people who have gone through the same as to which is the best and how to do it perfectly and the same. Check the reviews and ratings from customers. Go through their terms and conditions. Inform yourself about their rates and designs, etc.

This will give you a good idea about their work and practices and will effectively narrow down your search.

2) Consider its Level of Hygiene:

This can be considered the most important criteria. Keep in mind that this deals with direct contact with your physical self. One negligence can totally destroy your life and at times may also lead to death. So it is extremely necessary to see to the cleanliness of the shop or person.

Check in the details if they follow the normal cleanliness rules like sterilizing the needles, how they clean up after each client, etc. Unsanitary or dirty needles can have a dramatic effect on your health. So do not even think of overlooking this aspect.

3) Assure their License:

Not everyone can run sharp equipment on your sensitive skin. It needs a high level of talent and work experience all over. Thus with this comes the need for a license. All tattoo shops and artists are given license for their job and only then can they go forth smoothly.

Even before selecting anything first question their license and have a physical look over it. Because if not, this may raise an issue in the future that is if by any chance there comes a necessity to complain against the person or place you may not be considered eligible.

4) Glance over their Previous Work:

It is very natural that you’ll want your piece of art to be the best among all. Now everyone is always or anyways not capable of doing everything perfectly. To avoid any mess, before choosing a particular shop or artist turn over the pages of their previously done work.

If anything catches your eye or you are sure he or she can efficiently fulfill your mind, only then finalize or else it is always advisable to go for another one.

5) Judge their Use of Equipment:

The art of tattooing has evolved with time and much progress had been made in its use of equipment. Before selecting a particular tattoo artist or shop get a detailed checking of their instruments and see to it if you are satisfied with those equipment working on your skin. This is a permanent thing so it is necessary to judge accordingly.

6) Have a Sitting with the Tattoo Artist:

It is very obvious that everyone might not feel good and comfortable with their tattoo artist. At times you might also feel not so confident about their art and also experience. So rather than ruining the whole thing, it is always better to give a couple of visits to the artist before actually finalizing one.

Talk with him or her casually and try to understand their attitude and all. This will make your experience much better and favorable.


These are the major guidelines one should follow while picking up a particular tattoo shop or artist. Following these points will make one’s experience quite comfortable as well as can give assurance in many a field.

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