International Students in the UK will be Allowed to Look for Work in UK after Graduating

Students from different countries visiting the UK for graduation will be offered a two year UK visa after their graduation. The validity of the visa is not connected to whether the students are with a job or without a job. It will be a great opportunity for international students to look for work in the UK after the completion of their study.

The UK’s Home Office announced this on 11th September after reversing one of the major aspects of former Prime Minister Theresa May‘s hostile environment strategy. New Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson, said that the changes will come into effect next year. That means overseas students will not be forced to leave the country after four months of their graduation completion.

This new visa policy for international students will allow them to find jobs in different sectors in the UK. The country has a bright history to do something for international efforts and collaboration. Johnson said that this will add to the scientific breakthrough in the country. That is why they have decided to launch a new policy for international students to enjoy their talent and potential.

This change in the overseas students’ visa policy is marking a return to the policy that was adjourned by the coalition government in 2012. At that time, immigration was considered a critical issue among the British electorate. The new announcement was received well by UK Immigration Lawyers, lawmakers and business group. They find it important to provide value to the British economy.

The new visa policy for the overseas students will be applied at the undergraduate level or above and on the trusted institutions which have a track record of upholding immigration checks. No restriction will be placed on the number of students eligible for the visa and they will be free to look for any kind of job they can.

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