AI is Playing a Crucial Role in Preventing Mental Illness

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The innovation in the technology sector has been contributing to provide many health solutions. And it is evident from the use of Artificial intelligence in preventing many mental health issues. AI is effective in detecting the signs of mental illness and it eventually provides the solutions for solving it in a comfortable manner.

According to the World Health Organisation, mental illness is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century and about 450 million people have fallen victim to various mental problems. About 70% of people have developed an ignorant attitude towards the known mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, and other personality disorders. And the biggest reason for this is the fear of stigma and discrimination in society.

Artificial Intelligence and Human Physiology, has developed a strong linking between them to build a system to warm about mental health issues. JJAIBOT is one such innovation based on AI that can detect signs of depression in pictures on a social network. The Artificial Intelligence Bot, JJAIBOT, has emotional intelligence merged with human physiology. It is possible to train the AIs on cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) methods, to learn emotional profiles, and recommend activities such as meditation and breathing techniques to help maintain a more balanced mood.

Wearables help to collect the data related to sleep, activity, and heart rate variability, which provide important information related to one’s mental as well as physical wellbeing. Artificial Intelligence allows obtaining metrics with the application of deep-science principles, which eventually helps to predict as well as prevent mental health issues.

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