Eastern European Girls are preferring Dubai for Employment

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Dubai is chosen more by European girls for employment purpose. Although Dubai is emerging as a job hub for people from different corners of the world, the girls are getting more job opportunities in the city due to their increased demand in different professions such as waitress, air hostess, customer interaction and handling purpose. According to a survey, women earn 18% less than men globally. But in the case of Dubai, women are earning more than the men.

Like other girls in the city, European girls are also getting job opportunities in different sectors. Dubai is the most liberal city in the Middle East region and hence a popular destination for European girls for employment purpose. The city authorities have not imposed a tax on income. Hence the European girls are taking benefits from career advancement and enjoying a tax-free income. This is making the prospect of Dubai visit more appealing for these girls.

Although like other major cities in the world, Dubai is also dominated by male workers, there is an increasing number of European girls who have started their own businesses. Mostly Dubai does not allow a married woman to work in the city unless her husband sponsors her to live in the city. Hotel, oil refinery and aviation industries are widely spreading in Dubai which is attracting girls from Eastern Europe to find jobs according to their qualification.

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