Providence VIN Test Center is now Operating From Washington Street

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PROVIDENCE – Since April 1, 2019, Providence’s VIN check station has been offering its services from a new place, the ground floor of the Providence Public Safety Complex Garage located on West Fountain Street Providence. City officials announced in March of this year that they were working on a plan of vacating all employees from the Vehicle Identification Number check station building. The city council’s special committee on Public Safety asked the city officials to vacate the employees and equipment from the stored building that spans 34-60 Ernest St.

The building was in a fragile condition and could harm living bodies. This building also housed the city’s sewer department and was known as a store for some of the city equipment. Sabrina Solares-Hand is the director of the operation for the city. She said that the first choice for new VIN check station was the Providence Public Safety Complex’s parking garage on Washington street. Within a month of the announcement, Providence officials have managed to shift the VIN test building to a new location.

Like other US state, VIN check is very essential in Providence. It is a Vehicle Identification number that every vehicle contains. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)  introduced this number as a strict standard. According to the standards set by NHTSA, each car requires to have a 17-digit code that could not contain the letters i, o and q. They were distinguished because they are similar to numbers 1, 0 and 9. This number is helpful for owner, police and insurance companies when the vehicle gets stolen, damaged or meets with an accident. For more information on VIN test, you can visit

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