Hope Now Ministries, in Ukraine, is Sponsoring Orphan Kids

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USA based Christian charity community, Hope Now Ministries, is focusing on the orphan community in central Ukraine. The community has been offering glorious mankind services since 1992. Hope Now has developed a special relationship with Shpola Orphanage that includes 140 children. The community is working to make those kids’ dreams come true. It is improving the physical living conditions of the children by sponsoring several building projects and implementing a school uniform program.

Teams of volunteers are joining Hope Now Ministries for regular Sunday School Days and camps. And donors are sponsoring the various child sponsorship programs. Volunteers and donors are helping Hope Now Ministries to care for many families of orphans who are struggling to live a full life. Hope Now is providing education to orphan children up to 9th grade and for further study, the community is sending them to Trade School to get education in a new city. Children in another city are living in a public dormitory and working as social workers.

Hope Now Ministries is one of the popular Christian organizations that help orphans. It is also helping several dedicated seminary students through a growing Youth Group for Shpola graduates. Students there are relaxing with familiar faces and sharing each other’s burdens. There are also some Christian mentors to help children. To make the service more effortless, Hope Now Ministries has partnered with local churches and charities in the Cherkasy region. Many Christian leaders are also supporting the organization to strengthen the community.

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