Do You Need Insurance to Ship a Car?

Shipping a car carries much risk because the process includes hauling up the vehicle in to ship, shipping truck, etc. And even a little carelessness can harm the car both internally and externally. Starting from the best car shipping company to that of a little less popular company, everyone is liable to provide you with insurance. There might be a difference in the coverage applied though.

So, yes it is very important and utmost necessary to get hold of insurance during the shipping of your car. After all the blood and sweat you might have given to buy that car you really don’t want to take home a scratched or damaged car that also without any protest, leave alone any recovery.

Some things to know and follow:

There is much to be known and abided by while taking up insurance. Below are listed the following:

  • Though the chances of damage are very less, but some harm might be caused. With insurance, you can claim more recovery. Basically, it gives the client to do away with all sorts of tensions and relax while his or her car works away in the transition.
  • If your car is subjected to fire, vandalism, theft, protection, etc. the company is liable to provide you with the said coverage. But if the case is an accident some companies might not afford the compensation. The coverage differs not only from company to company but also varies with the different country.
  • Insurance is applicable for all. Beginning from drivers to the car owner. Such companies lean towards to give much care and security to both sides. Auto shippers too have insurance done. Once again the terms and conditions applied may vary from company to company, but yes everyone keeps a minimum done.
  • It is important that you keep in mind that the insurance only offers guarantee or recovery for any damage to the car during transportation and not any other person or even car belongings. So one needs to entirely vacant the car before giving it up. These companies mainly have cargo and liability insurance.
  • Get a full knowledge of your insurance coverage. Take some time out and read each clause before approving it. Because it has been seen that many a time the coverage given, does not satisfy the client and he moves out. After all who would compromise in covering the true value of the car.
  • There are a handful of limitations they follow. For example, in case of any damage due to any natural calamity such as earthquake, flood, etc. the company will not take any responsibility has to what has happened. In that case, the entire damage recovery is to be carried out by the client itself.
  • Don’t believe in any verbal promises. Always request each and every official document in a written and formal format. Because fraudsters won’t take a minute to walk away from their words. Moreover, your duty not only ends there, rather get yourself a copy of the documents. And any company fails to do so, immediately discard the idea of working with them.


Well, these are some of the main things one will have to remember while issuing insurance. It is very crucial that we understand that insurance while shipping a car is not a choice but a must that all should assure beforehand. You can always claim compensation if any damage has been done or else not. Therefore, always think wisely before you leave out that option.

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