343 Labs Opens in New York after Dubspot Closes

Dubspot closed down last year because of some fraudulent reasons. But now, out of that bad news comes  a good one. The teachers of Dubspot came together and opened 343 Labs music production school, which is a new music school in New York.

Max Wild and Nacho Isa who were the former teachers at Dubspot started a new project. They founded 343 Labs. Some of the other teachers also made their way into the new 343 family like- Abe Duque, Candida Borges, Brent Arnold and Adam Patriidge.

There are a series of classes that 343 offers. It offers Ableton Live, Songwriting and music theory, audio mixing, Logic Pro and Synthesis for producers. 343 Labs also offers DJing and Live performance classes.

343 Labs informed RA about its inception- “Idea is to create a global electronic music education community at the cutting edge of music technology and education.”

Even though Dubspot did not earn a good name, because of the scandal towards the end, 343 Labs is different. The teachers say that they didn’t play any role in the shutdown of Dubspot. But they informed that any student who missed the classes due to the shut down receives free classes in complimentary courses in 343 Labs.

343 Labs started this year, and is doing pretty well. It received the best music production school in New York City which is huge achievement. The tutors are hell bent on providing their students with quality music lessons. They want each one to pursue their musical dream.

Address: 343 Labs, 32 Cooper Sq 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10003, USA
Contact: +1 800-243-3405

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