Indian Rocket Scientist says Pi reveals the Size of the Universe

Rocket scientist Mr. Akhil Turai with astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield

Akhil Turai, the Indian rocket Scientist has deduced that the number Pi reveals the size of the Universe. The number Pi, which is a mathematical constant was originally defined as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. According to the Indian Rocket Scientist, the value of Pi is an indicator of the size of the universe.

In the present time, the number pi has got a number of definitions and it appears in various formulas of mathematics as well as physics. Akhil Turai is currently working on a couple of important start-ups in the Space and Engineering Industries which are likely to start their operations in 2021.He is currently working in quantum gravity and had made news in the past for giving theory explaining the reason for dreams in humans.

The theory, Quantum Fluctuation, which was put forward by Akhil Turai stated that dreams occur due to the temporary change in the amount of energy in a point in the space-time continuum. And now, he has deduced that π tells an object how to curve in the space-time in our universe to get back to its original position.

Mr. Turai says if the Pi is finite, then our universe is finite, and since pi is infinite he believes that our universe is infinite, and also he jokes that as the number pi our universe is also irrational, difficult to understand and full of mysteries yet to be discovered and solved.

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