CoreDax adopted Altibase to handle its IT role

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Altibase is a presence service. And it was a closed source for 20 years. Now it is an open source and many are taking the advantage of it. POSCO switched from Oracle to Altibase. And CoreDax now decided to use Altibase as well.

CoreDax is a cryptocurrency exchange. It trades in 17 cryptocurrencies. And it adopted Altibase to handle the IT side of things. Altibase will manage the matching, data distribution and Ledgers. CoreDax took this decision because it wanted to have an upper hand over its competitors. Now it provides excellent services to its clients.

Neoframe created CoreDax in 1999. And it’s one of the best in markets for providing market data processing  and trading systems for security companies. It does so especially in the APAC region. But even after such a close association, CoreDax opted for Altibase instead of Neoframe.

By using Altibase, CoreDax is able to reach a high level of product maturity as well as stability. CoreDax also demanded robust disaster recovery and is receiving that from Altibase. Altibase handled millions of transactions with less response time.

It has an intelligent in-memory capacity. And it performed remarkably well when CoreDax tested it. It has a high performance as well as product reliability. After offering so much services one would think the price is sky high. But surprisingly, the prices are affordable than Oracle.

By using this, CoreDax was able to process over 2 million transactions per second. It also provides a high level of security that ensures data protection. CoreDax’s security is in the hands of Altibase. It takes care of all the high level business transactions.

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