Altibase adopted for Presence Service to Provide User Information

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Recently a world renowned telecom equipment manufacturer has hired Altibase for its Presence Service. The head quarters of the company are in South Korea. Plus the company is also the world’s largest producer of semi conductor and a smart phone manufacturer.

What is presence service? It is a service which receives and stores user information and confirms presence and location of online presence. And the service is intricate. It requires high level of stability and zero tolerance of error.

The disk resident databases were insufficient for the company. That’s the reason behind the presence service. In this new Database Management system, there is no worry about insufficiency. It can handle complex queries easily.

And the collected data about the user state information is not lost. But Altibase delivers it on time. Also it is pocket friendly and highly scalable. It handles large set of data with ease.

Why did the company chose Altibase?

Its in-memory capability is off the charts. And it provides high throughput and extremely low latency. Another reason behind using Altibase is its hybrid architecture. This helps the company to store huge chunks of data. It uses a disk resident database mode to do the job.

It also gives the company compatible versions of system. This is biggest factor which decides the future relation of the company with Altibase.

With the help of Altibase, the company had a better way to handle the data. It reached stability by handling and storing data fluently. And the session information isn’t lost while using Altibase. It was  a closed source data base for 20 years. Recently it became an open source.

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