Toyota Supra is Soon Getting a Manual

The new Toyota Supra 2020 is a fast car and can reach 60 mph in just 4 seconds. Its engine has a horse power of 335 HP. This stat is according to Toyota, but according to World dyno tests, it might be more.

There is another reason behind Toyota Supra being fast. It is the ZF eight-speed gearbox. It is definitely why the car purrs like a kitten and hits the road as fast as it can.

Toyota said that there will be no manual of the upcoming Toyota Supra. But surprises always happen. European Auto Group took upon itself to add the manual to Toyota Supra. European Auto is the one that infused flappy paddle Ferraris with gated manual shifters. And it wasn’t pretty.

They are already working on the manual of a new Supra. And this new version has BMW sourced parts. All the parts seem to fit well into the framework. Auto Group is also looking to use a shifter with a flip up knob, the likes of which are present in Toyota Supra already.

Even though the car is getting an upgrade, many still don’t like the fact that BMW is supplying the parts. This year, in March, the new 2020 Supra Drift was released with a full on Toyota 2JZ engine swap. But now the Company Auto Group wants to swap the whole thing.

Maybe Toyota did the wrong thing. But now Auto Group is working on giving the new Supra a sleek look as well as an exceptional performance.

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