SoleFaqs develops How to Sell on eBay Guide centered around its Software

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There is a new way to describe blemishes/flaws on used shoes. This new way is called SoleFaqs Report! Later, we will give steps on How to sell on eBay using SoleFaqs.

SoleFaqs created a patent pending interactive jpeg shoe description reports. These jpeg shoe description reports are known as sdr or shoe reports. Sellers can upload SoleFaqs jpeg sdr as a photo when creating an eBay used shoe listing.   

SoleFaqs empowers buyers to create descriptions that sellers trust. Opiniated descriptions can lead to Item Not as Described Dispute Cases. Traditional methods used to describe shoes are but not limited to are: Very Good, Excellent, Pristine, Good, Fair, Very Near Deadstock, 9/10, 8/10, etc.…. Are these terms opiniated? The answer is Yes! Using such terms is the reason why INAD disputes continues to be one of the top five reasons of e-comm returns according to shopify.  Do resellers who sell used shoes have another option besides using the above terms to described shoes that they are selling on eBay? The answer is Yes, and it is SoleFaqs that is providing the SaaS Service. By, digitizing shoe descriptions, SoleFaqs empowers eBay used Shoe sellers with a new way to sell on its e- comm marketplace. It also provides the seller a tool to be accurate with describing shoes which creates trust between the seller and the buyer. Another benefit SoleFaqs provides is reducing the time it takes to type in the blemishes/flaws of the shoe.

Listed below is a guide on how to sell using SoleFaqs.

How to sell on eBay using SoleFaqs.

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account
  3. Select the upgrade button and choose per download or monthly option
  4. Select Pricing Tool
  5. Choose the shoe model you are going to sell on eBay
  6. Fill out the Required Shoe Information
  7. Choose Value Calculator
  8. Highlight the areas of the shoe that are flawed
  9. Click the “click the not fake” button
  10. Select the Generate SDR button
  11. Download the JPEG SDR
  12. Go to
  13. Create a used shoe listing and upload the JPEG SoleFaqs Report in the photo section.

If you are wondering if there is fee for this service, that is answer is Yes! SoleFaqs provides two options for the service, download and subscription. Users can pay a per report download fee of 1.00 or pay the unlimited monthly report download fee of 10.00.   

Fore more information please go to

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