Everything you need to know about Vape Replacement Coils

Can you tell when it’s time to change the coil of your vape?  Are a novice in vaping and unsure to change the coil yourself? Or do you want to take your experience of vaping to the next level?

Here is everything you need to know to select the right replacement coil for you.

Vape coil is the heart of an atomizer which allows the resistance to be achieved which means that the tank can serve as a delivery mechanism for the consumption of the vapor. The vapers usually change the vaporizer coil in every couple of weeks. On an average, they change it in every 2 weeks.
It mainly depends on how often a person vapes. Vapers monitor the taste of the vape and look for different signs that suggest the vape coil replacement. It is a crucial part of the vaping experience which can be ruined, if the coil is not replaced on time. A burned-out coil or a bad coil can cause the vape hits to feel dry and uncomfortable.

There are various signs that help figure out whether the vape coil needs replacement or not. Here are the various signs explained.

  • If there is a gurgling sound when a person vapes, it can be due to a bad vape coil. The e-cigarettes are not supposed to make any sounds and if it does, it would mean that the coil is not functioning properly. 
  • If there is a burnt taste in mouth while a person vapes, it is a clear sign that the coil needs to be replaced. It does not matter what kind of juice a person uses if the coil goes bad, there will be a burning sensation felt in the mouth while vaping.
  • Vapers usually prefer using flavored vape juices. If the juice doesn’t taste the same as it used too, it means that the vape replacement coil needs to be purchased. 
  • Vape replacement coil may be required if the e-cigarette starts to leak. There are various reasons for it to happen such as overflow of the tank, worn-out rings, and vape coil requiring replacement.

It is also important to know how a burned-out coil looks. A person should know how to check a coil to understand whether it requires to be replaced or not. It is suggested that people should never try and vape with a burned-out coil. It can cause damage to the e-cigarette which can lead to additional expenses in the future. To check if it is burned out or not, open the e-cigarette and check whether the coil has turned black. If the coil looks black or fried, it means that it has burned out. Another thing to observe is whether the coil has excess burned prime around it. It would mean that the coil is burned and requires to be replaced.

It is not that difficult to identify a burned coil as the signs are easy to observe when a person opens the e-cigarette. It is also necessary to learn ways that can help improve the lifespan of a vape coil. It needs to be kept clean and priming needs to be done before using it. 

In the end, it all depends on how regular a person vapes. The general assumption is of around 2 weeks to a month which is for a normal user. If a person loves to vape and does it more often, the coil may get burned out between 1 to 2 weeks. Instead of worrying about days, being focused on the signs is more helpful. 

If a person wants to purchase a vape replacement coil, he should buy it from a reputed store or website where top-quality products are available. is one such website where the best vaping products and accessories are available. The company sells vape juice, e-cigarettes, accessories and other essentials required to get the best vaping experience.

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