Salt Water Gargling is Proven Beneficial for a Sore Throat

Salt water gargling is the best and affordable way for a sore throat and a mouth sore. There are doctor prescribed medicines for sore throats, but by far this is the most cost effective way to do it.

Common man uses Saltwater remedy for sore throat. But people do not know much about it. A small study from 2010 of 45 children investigated the effectiveness of saline water gargle and a mouthwash containing alum.

The result concluded that children who used saltwater gargles twice daily for 21 days had reduced levels of mouth bacteria, compared with children using Placebo.

But addition of alum to the saltwater is more effective. Alum is potassium aluminium sulphate which is an active ingredient in most mouthwashes.

There are many uses of Salt water gargling, one of the biggest ones as discussed is the sore throat. Even the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement and the American Cancer Society recommended gargling with saltwater to soothe sore throats.

Saltwater gargles also help canker sores – ulcers inside the mouth. Gargling helps ease the pain and catalyses the healing process.

Hay Fever is an allergy that makes a person’s nasal passage and throat swell. Saltwater gargling does not prevent the allergy but it alleviates the throat discomfort.

Common colds and flus are another reasons for mouth, throat and nasal infections. Saltwater gargling is a home remedy used to get rid of sore throat from coughing.

Saltwater gargling enhances the cleanliness inside your mouth. It removes bacteria from your gums and prevents plaque and tar tar to build up inside your mouth. Even the American Dental Association recommended people to gently rinse the mouth with a warm saltwater solution after having a dental procedure.

Making a saltwater gargling solution is easy. Add salt to water and some baking soda. After you add 1 tsp of salt and baking soda to one glass of water, just try taking in as much as water you can into your mouth.

Saltwater gargling has no side effects but those with high blood pressure need to watch their sodium intake need to consult a doctor in serious situations.

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