Building Chatbots on the SnatchBot Platform Have Helped Benefit Enterprises and Their Customers

SnatchBot, the Israel-based bot building platform, have revolutionized chatbot use so that companies can build and monetize them with ease, while consumers can also easily communicate and interact with the same ease and without wasting time.

Building chatbots with SnatchBot has a multitude of benefits for enterprises

Chatbots are computer programs specifically written to participate in conversations with humans. They are increasingly used in businesses and other organizations to give their customers information, products and services. 

Chatbots through the ages

Chatbots have existed since the mid-60s when ELIZA was created. Not created for commercial application, nonetheless, ELIZA simulated conversation, much as today’s chatbots do, by pre-setting text outputs that would be triggered by specific text inputs. The importance of anticipating the inputs in order to branch the paths of the conversation was as important then as it is now.

The birth of search engines, as we know them today, arose from the 1990s version of the somewhat unsuccessful Chatbot known as ‘Ask Jeeves’, which used Natural Language Processing to search for information.

Over the past few years, the growth of messaging channels has contributed to the great rise of the chatbot as we know it today. Embraced by Facebook, Microsoft and other giants within the tech industry, chatbots are now used within all industries to boost traffic, interactions, sales etc.

Chatbot services improve the way business is conducted

Conversational commerce, rather than the static purchase process of old, is the name given to the way consumers can interact with companies as they track the order or service that they have ordered. A back-and-forth digital conversation can take place on a range of platforms that are available on Messenger, Android and so forth.

The services that Snatchbot enhances include:

Improved Customer service

Businesses can build a chatbot on the SnatchBot platform in no time and for free, to answer and direct common customer queries. By freeing employees from working in call centers, the advantages for the company are firstly cost efficient since less financial resources are needed. Chatbots are cheaper to train, no HR is needed to employ them and they don’t need to take leave. Secondly, analysis of conversations is faster with a SnatchBot than with a human allowing for a faster resolution time.

Improved Marketing

Brands need to have continued ‘conversations’ with consumers as one of their most strategic marketing strategies and Snatchbot allows them to keep that up at the pace they demand.

App replacement

The decline in app downloads has made companies scramble to find other ways to reach their customers. This gap is covered perfectly since a chatbot created on SnatchBot can be placed on any of the popular messaging channels, including Facebook Messenger, Viber, WeChat, Telegram, etc.

SnatchBot’s Platform benefits customers

People across the world have embraced chatbots because of the ease with which they can be used. There is no need for them to download apps anymore as they can immediately interact with the company or organization that they need through their messaging platform. People also believe, rightly so, that they are saving time as they talk to a bot rather than waiting on hold to speak to a real agent.

Building a SnatchBot that hits the mark

It is crucial that bots meet all the customer needs and expectations and as they become more sophisticated they will be able to undertake even more complex tasks. For now, companies should ensure that their chatbots are tested and checked so that they can lead to customer acceptance and satisfaction which leads to a dramatic increase in business.

SnatchBots can be built across almost all the verticals and include sales, hospitality, insurance, healthcare, financial services, and so much more.

Within the SnatchBot Platform bot developers, enthusiasts and companies can share the bots that they have created and there are thousands of chatbot templates to choose from. For those clients with more demanding needs SnatchBot offers tailor-made bots that can also be set up just as quickly. The biggest achievement by Avi Benezra and his team at SnatchBot, was to completely remove the need for coding, whilst keeping the highest possible standard of user-experience.

The simple steps to bot production

Creating an account on is as simple as entering an email address. From there on anyone can build their own chatbot and the free-to-use option includes all the required features to get started. It also includes the ability to create Natural Language Processing (NLP) models that are not reliant on third-party systems because they are proprietary.  Machine learning and NLP understand user language and analyze intent.

Once a template has been chosen, the chatbot can be edited according to the goals of the business and it can be embedded into as many channels as the business requires since the platform is automatically set up to handle multi-channels. The great thing about the SnatchBot Platform is that it allows for functions and conversations to be edited as the needs of the business evolve.

SnatchBot has also taken safety features into consideration and has built them into their bots to handle payments. The collection of data from conversations is an important feature, while the analysis section of the dashboard allows for fine tuning of conversations.

What tomorrow brings

Text-to-speech and plugins already bring in a whole new dimension to the chatbots that can be created on SnatchBot. Once a bot is up and running and as it starts to perform some serious work, then the Pro-Plan, with its many extra benefits, is available.

As the CTO, Avi Benezra said: “Over 40,000 clients from all the verticals, including Allianz, Sanofi and Tesco, have trusted SnatchBot with their chatbot building and they cover both their internal and external communication needs. This has driven SnatchBot ahead of the other major competition in the field and they continue to strive for innovations that will benefit enterprises and their consumers”.

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