Svakom Representatives Gathered at Thaifest 2019 in Batumi

The team of the pleasure product manufacturer Svakom visited Batumi, Georgia to attend Thaifest 2019. After attending the Thaifest, the Svakom representatives noted that they had an excellent experience of interacting with over 130 people at the place. Since a lot of store owners, vendors, and purchasing managers were present at the event, the vendors and buyers managed to interact face to face with each other.

As per the report of one of the representatives, the Svakom team had a successful Thaifest expo and the event opened the door for new opportunities of growth. On this occasion, the representatives of the company introduced new sex toys, Siren and Iris at Thaifest.

The two pleasure products have been designed to give a high level of satisfaction to the users. According to the rep’s statement, Siren being an intense double-tongue vibrator has an ability to create multiple orgasms. On the other hand, another product Iris is a G spot vibrator with a soft and flexible head. In addition to this, it is a waterproof device due to the installation of the magnetic charging port on this equipment. Both the products are waterproof which simply gives more freedom to users to use them at any place.

Thaifest 2019, which took place from June 22 to June 25 gave an excellent chance for the Svakom team to meet representatives of other brands. Svakom team also managed to take feedback from their customers to improve their products. One of the representatives of Svakom said that the pleasure toys manufacturers simply gave the Svakom team the opportunity to gather new ideas from customers about manufacturing effective sex toys.

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