Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake only to be released on Play Station 4

Recently Square Enix announced that its upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake will only be released on Play Station 4. And it won’t release it on any other systems.

In 2015, fans received the good news of Final Fantasy VII Remake. But the trailer started with an instruction to fans, it said “play it first on PlayStation 4”.

Fans took it as a positive sign and thought that the game had a time exclusive. They expected to see the remake on other platforms later. But the latest trailer revealed at E3 2019 only had a worldwide release date. On top of that it also had the PlayStation 4 logo in its credits. It didn’t even have any mention of the game appearing on other systems.

But a video posted by Xbox Germany hinted that Final Fantasy VII Remake might be available on Xbox one after all. Still, later that day the content on Facebook making the announcement was taken down. And the company admitted it was an error.

To make things crisp clear, the company issued a statement to Video Gamed Chronicle. With that, Square Enix confirms that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is only for PlayStation 4. No other system has the permission.

Square Enix is all set on not giving up the remake, but it seems highly unlikely that it keeps the biggest upcoming title on a single system. Already, the big publishers are on to it.

The big upcoming console generation, leads to exclusives wars. And it resulted in Microsoft buying up numerous studios and Sony preparing to do the same.

PS 4 had many great exclusives during its term, like Bloodborne and God of War. But keeping the Final Fantasy VII Remake just on PlayStation is a huge draw for it.

The statement from Square Enix doesn’t mean that the other systems won’t have the remake. It is in the far future, but nonetheless going to happen.

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