An Australian Retail Chain Removed Plastic Bags from all its Stores

Cotton On, an Australian fast-fashion retailer, embarked on a program in October 2018 and started a campaign called, The Good, to remove plastic shopping bags from their all stores. The prime purpose of the campaign was to remove all single-use plastic bags from its 1500 stores in 18 countries. The deadline to achieve the target was June 2019 and the program was started from New Zealand.

In April 2019, the fashion retailer had achieved its target before two months of the deadline and removed 38 million plastic bags from its global stores. Cotton on Group is suggesting shoppers to bring reusable produce bags, either made from cotton or paper. Cotton Reusable bags are meshed with drawstring which is suitable to carry clothes, grocery items, fruits, and veggies. These kind of bags left zero waste, are reusable and are 100% environment-friendly.

All the other brands under Cotton On Group including Cotton on Body, Cotton on Kids, Typo and Rubi have taken an initiative towards The Good program. The group has also decided to produce their clothes with 100% sustainable cotton by 2021.

In 2017, The Cotton On Group replaced their bottled water they sell with recyclable water bottles which are made from 100%  recycled PET material. Profit from Cotton On Foundation products is donated for a good cause that provides youth quality education.

This year, the group has launched a capsule collection of recycled activewear which is made from recycled polyester fibers. At the same time, recycled nylon waste is also being used to make recycled swimwear capsule collection.

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