Google Stadia has Received 4,000 Development Studio Applications Already

Google has recently announced about their upcoming gaming platform, Google Stadia, which will help game developers of any size grow in the game market with Google. After the announcement, along with the wave of games and development studios, many gamers and developers are also taking interest in developing projects with Stadia program.

Sam Corcoran, who is a technical account manager in Google, said in an interview that the company has already received 4,000 applications from developers who are interested in joining the Stadia Partners Program. This is an impressive number and there is much more support for this large untested platform from the people involved in the video gaming market. The goal of the program is to allow developers and publishers to test out Google Stadia before releasing their games for the service.

With Google Stadia – over 4,000 development studios already have shown their interest. Each and every application is being viewed manually by the actual humans to avoid clever applications. It is a great initiative by Google to be open about their development base. The company is attempting its best to support developers in any possible way.

Corcoran stated, “Stadia Partners is the most immediate opportunity for developers. It’s a program that allows you to pitch your game that’s in development to Google. That allows us to tailor-make a support plan that will work for your title and fit with the rest of our portfolio. We’re always looking for new games and pitches, so we absolutely do want to talk to any of you who are interested.”

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