Experts Reveal 8 Reasons why Italy is the Best Place to Study Abroad

People in large numbers are choosing the option of studying abroad. And as per the research that was carried out on a wide scale across the world, it was revealed that out of all the places in the world, Italy is the number one choice of more than 50% of the population seeking to study abroad.

In this article, we will help you to decide whether or not studying in Italy will take care of all your worries. Listed here below are a few reasons illustrated by some previous Italian exchange students and many experts:

  • Language

Italian accent is very pleasing to the ear. It is an ancient language having a rich history.  Great poets, philosophers and literature have emerged from Italy.

  • Education

The schools are strict but well-organized and their teachers are very caring. The quality of education and teachers is one of the primary factors to push people towards medical schools of Italy.

  • Food

Italian food is not only very delicious but fresh as well and is well-known and appreciated in many parts of the world.

  • Art and Architecture

Art will be found everywhere in Italy. Most of their historical buildings are still preserved and they can be easily traced even if surrounded by modern buildings and facilities.

  • History

Italy is considered as the flower of history. Several significant events like World War I and World War II happened in Italy. Many well-known parts of European history like the Romans and the Greeks were born in Italy. There is much to learn about Italian history and it is still continued to be remembered as well as studied today.

  • Geography

Museums, plazas, and parks are situated in Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, and Naples. Beaches are in the south and mountains in the north. Beautiful valleys and quiet countryside landscapes are in other parts of the country.

  • Hospitality

Italian people are warm and welcoming to everyone be it family, friends, tourists, or other visitors.

  • Weather

Italy has a nice and pleasant weather that allows for a variety of outdoor activities. Northern European countries are warm. The sky is often blue. Italy does get cold in the winter but then spring brings everything back to life again.

People are finding these reasons promising enough to encourage them to plan their education in Italy.

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