The New Cryo powRgrip Technology of REGO-FIX is based on Standard Toolholders

Rego Fix has now created a new cryogenic coolant technology. And the technology is based on the industry leading powRgrip system. This technology is called the CRYO-powRgrip or (PG-CRYO). And this system is produced in conjunction with a European supplier of carbon dioxide coolant. It targets customer needs to boost productivity and eliminate secondary cleaning operations.

This new tech of PG-CRYO line of engineered solutions also enables optimized high-speed cutting of the toughest of materials. And this Cryo PowRgrip technology was for the medical industry. Its requirement was for contaminate free coolant technology for cleaner parts.

PG-Cryo application by Rego Fix is based on a specific solution. Rego Fix is one of the global leaders of Swiss precision manufacturing of tools. The technology it made depends on standard tool-holders that guides the cooling medium directly to the cutting edge for significant increases in tool life and productivity. And in addition to the cutting parameters, the new tool-holders also have a quick dissipation of gaseous carbon dioxide.

This process follows cooling, which leads to improved surface finishes and improved chip recyclability. And they also eliminate coolant disposal and work-piece cleaning. The new PG-CRYO is just like the MQL(Minimum quantity lubrication), in terms of diameters.

The PG-CRYO designs ensure individual applications and it serves as a key innovation for achieving optimal Carbon Dioxide flow and placement. The new design further supports the holder, and does not let Carbon Dioxide to pool inside the holder. But It has metallic sealed collets and cooling CF Slots, and it has HSK Coolant tubes.

The new design prevents the carbon dioxide from pooling inside the holder, and it in turn saves the spindle. And it does not ice over.

First ever PG CRYO was based on a PG 15 System. But the upgrade changed the standard holders to engineered holders as per the manufacturer’s need.

There will be a metal working trade show on September 16, 2019 on the system EMO.

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