A lucky man from Connecticut won $100,000 Lottery Twice

Bruce Rosa won the same lottery twice. He is from Connecticut, and won a $100000 lottery after a year of winning the same jackpot. And he previously won the same lottery on April 27th, 2018. And just barely a year after, he won again.

Rosa said to the press- “oh Baby, I can’t believe I did it again.” There were 4000 tickets from Connecticut lottery. And out of all of them Rosa’s was the only one with all 5 numbers matching.

Rosa also shared the method he used to pick the second set of winning numbers. And he also shared that after his win last year his father-in –law advised him to play the same numbers from the last ticket, but one digit lower.

But not everything went according to the plan. Rosa said- “I messed up the fourth number(which was 23), because I didn’t have my glasses on. And I decided to play the last number the same as before.”

And to his surprise this number won him $1000,000. The surprise number was ‘4-16-17-23-33’. But Bruce Rosa did not check his number right away. What are the odds of winning a lottery twice? 1 in a million. He shares his experience. “The winning numbers looked familiar but I was too lazy to get out of bed to check my ticket.”

So he did not see the ticket. But he knew about the good news next morning. Then he and his friends and his son-in-law went to receive the check, and also went to have a celebratory lunch afterward.

As per Satta King, the probability of winning a lottery is very slim. And the odds of winning a single Powerball, for example are 1 in 11.7 million. But this isn’t the first time someone won a lottery twice. In June, a man in South East France won “My Million” lottery twice, just after 18 months apart from winning his first. He won 1 million Euros in November 2016, and won again in May 2018.

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