TheChecker is Emerging as Highest Rated Email Checker

TheChecker, which checks abandoned email addresses in your business database, is emerging as number one email validation tool based on various independent reviews. Its most cost-effective email verification service is attracting many small and large businesses to handle their email address databases. Equipped with innovative cyber technology, TheChecker is an advance tool to manage your marketing services, including campaigning an agenda.

Businesses usually collect relevant email addresses from different sources after spending money and time on them. They use the addresses to publicize their business and campaigning their agenda among several people and platform. But if some of the email address holders abandoned their email addresses, then your money would be wasted by sending them emails. To avoid this problem, TheChecker is providing an uninterrupted email verify service by detecting such email addresses in your database.

TheChecker is helping businesses by providing different kind of services such as if there are 10% invalid email addresses that are redundant in your database, then 44% will be delivered. These invalid delivered emails will ruin your database and agenda as well. At the same time, your money will also be wasted by sending them emails. To get rid of this problem, TheChecker works very intelligently by uploading some active TXT, CSV, XLS files in your database. These files have some coding which detects invalid email addresses in your database and makes their list too. TheChecker also offers email validation API which can be used by developers to run bulk or single email validation directly from your website.

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