Domus to Market Civic Education for the Rendell Center

Philadelphia – Domus Inc., which provides full-service of marketing communication services, is set to carry PR strategies for The Rendell Center for Civics and Civic Engagement, which was founded in 2013. The Rendell Center promotes civic education and engagement in the US. To accomplish the target, it offers opportunities for educators and students to develop the knowledge. The company is authorized to restore and facilitate civic curricula in elementary schools. In addition, it is enabling students to learn and be skillful for living an active and advanced life.

In 2017, Harvard Political Review article had raised the issue of civic illiteracy in America, as the states were focusing only on science, technology, engineering, and maths. It had also blamed federal and states for limited funding to raise civic education. The Rendell Center works on three modules, namely We the civic kids, The Citizen challenge, and Professional development for educators. Domus Inc would carry some promotional initiative in support of all these three modules on digital and traditional channels. Domus has expertise in marketing communication with civic information. It would be beneficial for both organizations.

Lisa Samara is the CEO of Domus Inc. She shared, “There’s never been a better time or a greater need  to reinforce the value of civics education and enable opportunities for civic engagement among the next generation of voters, As the Rendell Center’s public relations partner, we will be responsible for effectively leveraging the current media and cultural climate – which is hyper-focused on political problems –  to position the Center as part of the solution, providing the experience and resources that help produce well-informed, active and involved citizens.”

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