The Demand for E-Book Readers is Increasing in Developing Countries due to High Internet Penetration

Worldwide research on the use of e-reading devices has come with astonishing results. It highlighted that the number of people using e-reading devices to read various books has increased over the last few years. And this has resulted in the launch of many different brands of e-book readers. The prominent reason for the growing use of e-book readers is the continuous increase in internet penetration, especially in developing countries.

The research results highlight that over the last five years, the number of internet users all across the globe has increased at a mass rate. In developing countries like India, there is a huge growth in internet penetration in recent years. According to the statistics available, the number of internet users in India was around 567 million which accounted for 40 percent of internet penetration in the country. And this number is going to cross 600 million by the end of 2019 with a growth of around 12% from the previous year.

Another aspect which the research highlighted was that the people are choosing to spend more of their free time reading books. And many prefer to read digital books rather than physical books. The availability of ereaders, tablets and reading apps on mobile phones has driven this trend. And there’s is intense competition between Kindle vs Kobo for market share.

Offers for free book reading is another option which has played a crucial role in increasing the demand for such e-book readers among the people. Kindle has lured the readers by introducing Kindle Giveaway facility which allows readers to read books online for free. With the increasing advancement in the technology sector, there is going to be a significant increase in the demand for such e-reading devices in the near future. And most importantly, the contribution of people from developing countries will be high due to increasing demand for e-reader devices in these countries.

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