Ames in Iowa Looking to Expand its Internet Providing Services

Ames City council directed city staff to set a deal of $30 million with Home-To-The-Premises (HTTP) to provide internet infrastructure platform to the Ames market and present its plan before August. This deal places a temporary hold on the feasibility study for a municipal Internet utility.

According to the Ames City staff, HTTP has a history of providing internet services to underserved communities, and Ames city contains many such areas. Ames city council had conducted a meeting last year in October where they found areas of availability, reliability, cost, speed, customer service, and policy to set improvement in the Internet services. Tv en internet is the best platform to check the price and speed of different network providers.

Ames City Council did not disclose the internet provider’s name. The name will be published after the settlement of internet plans with the providers. The providers may set terms and conditions before pursuing the service model. Ames city’s council directed staffs have the identity of the provider and they know which areas will be serviced with the new network.

Tim Gartin, the council member of Ames City, shared, “I received probably 30 emails from constituents who also had a similar sort of push-back. I think you’ve clarified that wasn’t really their intent, but if there are people who still feel a bit put-off by the notion that they would hold us hostage to having a feasibility study.”

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