A Video of Man with a Jet Powered Hoverboard is Geting Viral on Facebook

A video is getting viral on Facebook where a man was flying over canyons and desert with some sort of jet-powered hoverboard strapped to his feet. Many people have suspected that the video is an artful hoax, but it is real and getting popular among Facebook users.

The video posted on the Facebook show Franky Zapata, the French Jet Sky Champion who had first time made a real hoverboard, zipping around on small turbine jet engines, pirouetting over scrub brush, and chasing down a passing freight train. Zapata’s company now make a variety of models, including the Flyboard Air Exp, with six small engines, and the Flyboard Air. His products are made for the American ultralight market.

Zapata believes that his company products can reach a speed of 140 kilometers per hour and flight duration could reach up to six to ten minutes. Zapata had achieved 150 meters with one of his product and said that he could achieve more.

Franky Zapata is from Marseille, France who dreamed to be an airplane pilot but did not get a license due to his problem of color blindness. Two years later, he test flighted his hoverboard and made first-time real hoverboard.

The Guinness Book of World Records awarded Zapata in 2016 for completing a flight of 7,338 feet with hoverboard along the coast of Sausset-Les-Pins in the south of France. There is also another viral video of Zapata when he hovered during 2018 Grand Prix in France. The video, which is getting viral on Facebook is one of such hovering videos of Zapata.

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