265 New HIV Cases Reported Last Year in Singapore

The number of HIV cases may increase in Singapore for this year as a total of 265 new cases were reported in the first ten months of the last year. All the cases are of Singapore residents and permanent residents, according to the Ministry of Health. 

Ministry of Health found 156 HIV cases between January and June of the last year. 90% of the cases belonged to males. 46% of infected people were between the age group of 40 and 59 while 40% were between the age group 20 and 39.  

Out of the total infected people, 53% were at the last stage when they were tested, which have increased by 11% of earlier stats. Ministry of Health also noted that 45% of all cases were from heterosexual transmission, 43% were from the homosexual transmission and 12% were from bisexual transmission.

The ministry added, “Another 22 percent were detected during routine programmatic HIV screening, while 17 percent were detected through self-initiated HIV screening.”

The Ministry of Health advised that when at the risk of HIV infection, go for regular HIV test that will treat infected persons with Pep HIV at the early stage. Early treatment at the initial stage helps infected people to learn about protecting their partners from infection.

With early treatment, an infected person can delay the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome virus for many years, and the person can live an active and prosperous life. HIV is transmittable to one’s spouse or partner; hence, physical relations with sex workers should be avoided, according to MOH.

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