Vera and John Casino’s Acquisition by Intertain Group Still Remains one of the best Acquisitions of the Company

The international gaming company, Intertain Group acquired Vera & John Casino in 2014. The acquisition deal was set for $126 million. The company paid around 36.5 million pounds worth of common shares and 44.5 million pounds in cash. Even today, this acquisition remains one of the best acquisitions of Intertain Group. The gamers of both the platforms are enjoying each other’s new features and games.

Intertain Group is an international brand which has 22 years of experience to grow into a company. It enjoys more than 15,000  visitors per day, and all Intertain websites have more than five million subscribed users. The company is committed to providing a different kind of gaming entertainment to its worldwide customers. It has proven to be the best partner for Vera & John casino because both the parties had the same future expectation and growth plans. Click here to know more about Vera and John and see their reviews.

At the time of acquisition, the financial report of Vera & John casino was impressive to watch. It had fully integrated online casino platforms which served in 11 countries across the world. The main products of the casino which attracted gamers were Vera & John, Vera & Juan, and Vera & John Social. That time, Vera & John offered more than 800 games to its more than 5 lakh subscribed customers. In the financial year of 2014, the casino had witnessed 1 billion worth of real money spins.

Dan Anderson is the CEO of Intertain Group. He said, ” Vera & John provides immediate accretion and meaningful operating cash flow to our business and gives us access to the growing Nordic markets.”

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