The Use of Blue Glasses is Increasing at a Mass Rate on a Global Level: Study

A recent study conducted by has highlighted that the use of blue glasses is increasing at a mass rate on a global level. The high use of electronic gadgets is the prime reason for the increasing sale of blue glasses all across the world. People experience the problem of eye strain when they expose their eyes to their computer or mobile screens for a long time. As all the jobs make use of electronic devices, the need for the use of blue glasses to filter blue light from screens to avoid eye strain has risen significantly.

It has been found that the use of blue light glasses helps to reduce the potential side-effects of blue light caused due to the high usage of screens on a daily basis. Such glasses filter or absorb rays from the blue light sources such as phones and computer screens. The ease of availability of blue light glasses at eye care shops, designer brands, and other online sources such as Amazon and at affordable prices have contributed to increasing the use of these glasses on a global level.

Over the course of the previous two years, there is a growth of 25% in the usage of blue light glasses in order to combat problems such as blurred vision, insomnia, abnormal sleep patterns, and eye strain. It is also mentioned in the study that an average office worker invests around 1700 hours per year on a screen. And the counter-measure for this is the use of blue glasses to filter blue light emitted by electronic devices.

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