The Demand for Red Boa Snakes has Increased in Black Magic and Chinese Medicines: Research

In a recent research carried out on the Indian and the Chinese market, it has come to notice that the demand for Red Boa Snakes has heavily increased in black magic practices and Chinese medicines in the present time. Many Black magic practitioners use Red Boa snakes in their work to reduce difficulties from the lives of people.

The double-headed snakes are exported to China where they are used in making Chinese medicines. And such medicines are used in the treatment of many deadly diseases which are incurable with the use of other categories of medicines. According to Black Magic Specialist Babaji from New Delhi, it is the deep faith of people in these snakes, which has increased their demand on a large scale. Various black magic practitioners have also stressed on the importance of using two-headed snakes in black magic practices.

Red Boa snakes are priced between 1 Lakhs and 1 Crore, which simply reflects the high demand for such snakes in today’s time. People living in tribal areas are looking for ways to arrange double-headed snakes for black magic practitioners to carry out these practices in various parts of India. Apart from this, there is a huge value of this category of snakes in the making of various Chinese medicines.

The use of snakes in Black Magic practices is prevalent since ancient times in countries like India. Even in today’s time, people search online for a Black magic specialist in order to get relief from their pain by removing all the negative energies from their body. And Red Boa Snakes are highly used in black magic practices to complete the process of rituals.

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