Hemorrhoids can now be Managed at Home Using Simple Ways

As you know hemorrhoids piles are painful swollen veins in the anus area of our body. Recent health study found that 90% of sufferers got pain during bowel movements. Most of the time, it gives itching and bleeding. Anal canal muscle becomes tighter from smooth. Medical experts say that we can manage hemorrhoids with right foods and with life style changes. You may plan to cure hemorrhoids yourself. But, you need to visit a doctor to get a right direction, Dr. Charabaty-Pishvaian says. There are two types of hemorrhoids:

1. Internal hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids provide low pain and we can notice this by seeing bleeding in the toilet seat. You can’t see this type of hemorrhoids. According to the post from healthwise staff, this type of hemorrhoids have 4 degrees. Degree 1 is a bulge inside the anal canal during bowel movements. Degree 3 is happening when we push the bulge with finger. Degree 2 is the bulge automatically moving inside the canal. Degree 4 is starting and staying all the time in the canal.

2. External hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids develop under the skin of anus. This type of hemorrhoids gives more pain and irritation. 75% of sufferers said that, most of the time, the external hemorrhoids are severe and painful. When you feel you want to go toilet, go immediately to avoid giving more pressure. Don’t strain during bowel movements to avoid the formation of bulging and prolapsed. Untreated external hemorrhoids can cause blood clotting with severe pain.

Eat right foods from today to manage hemorrhoids

On many health forum posts, you can see the forum members suggesting eating fiber to manage hemorrhoids. Let’s look at the specific foods which help you to manage hemorrhoids.

  • Specialists recommend to take 25 to 30 grams of fiber daily. Three types of beans helping us to get more fiber are lima bean, black beans and baked beans.
  • When you need more protein, you can use beans to get great protein source. Specially, soybeans have nine amino acids with it. Saturated fat and calories are having lower level in beans.
  • You can add enough beans with your rice for lunch. You need to boil the beans to make them soft to eat easily. This is number one right food for hemorrhoids so take note and use this beans daily with your diet.
  • Grains help greatly for curing hemorrhoids. One of the greatest examples for grains helping to manage hemorrhoids is cooked oats.
  • Start a habit to eat 1 apple every day. Also you can add a tablespoon of mineral oil with apple to make the process lubricate. Take some plums daily to your diet to get quick results too.
  • Indian health master, H. bhaskar says that, we need to start our day with fruits and can take rice and vegetables for lunch and smart small food for dinner. He also told that, we need to eat only whenever we feel hungry.
  • Some people not drink water properly. This is a bad habit and it creates way to more diseases to come in. Drink plenty of water after 1 hour from eating foods.
  • Few more valuable fruits and vegetables are berries, tomatoes, grapes and leafy greens.

Special notes to follow to manage piles

  • You need to avoid taking excess of meat, cheese, dairy products and white bread. These foods are clearly having low fiber so you need to stay away from this.
  • Make a change to your lifestyle by starting daily walking for 40 minutes. It not only helps to manage hemorrhoids and it provides numerous benefits to your body. When you walk for 40 minutes daily, your body gets right blood circulation to be active.
  • On market, we can see variety of creams available to use for hemorrhoids. If you want to try those products, kindly do a search for those products on Amazon and check reviews to find the working product.
  • Another smart way is taking bath on warm water with 10 minutes sitting. You ca n use Epsom salt with warm bath to sooth the irritation of hemorrhoids.
  • 10% of people have a habit of reading magazines on toilet room. Some other people have a habit of watching videos, browsing social media and playing games on toilet room. You shouldn’t do these on toilet room.
  • When you are sitting for long time on toilet, it makes you strain for bowel movement. Also it produces extra stress. It will surly give more risk of hemorrhoids.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes and use high quality cotton underwear clothes.
  • When you have extreme pain, you should apply cold compress to the anus to cure bulging. Don’t apply ice directly to the skin. Kindly use a paper or cotton cloth.
  • Instead of toilet papers using, you can try wipes. It helps to avoid irritation and you can buy aloe vera wipes from the market to use.

The Solution

You can follow these all above mentioned ways to manage your hemorrhoids. If you already tried several hemorrhoids home remedies and not worked properly? Don’t worry, just make a consultation with right doctor to check your condition and get right direction to cure piles.

Also kindly inform u the ways you are using to manage your hemorrhoids irritation in the comment area. It will help more people to cure their condition.

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