Anfisa Nava Ranks High in her First Bodybuilding Competition

The star of the 90 Days Fiancé has done pretty well considering it was her first ever bodybuilding competition. Anfisa Nava scored well. The 23-year old hails from Russia and made a major lifestyle change in order to rank so well in the competition.

She lost 20 lbs and transformed her body. “2nd place novice and true novice, 5th place open @centerpodium Such an amazing first show experience!” She mentioned on Instagram as she posted a video of herself looking ravishing in a Bikini with her medals in hand.

“We’ll see how this first one goes,” she said. “I don’t really have any expectations. I just want to get my feet wet and see what its like and go from there.”

Prior to Nava, another reality star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey had also been a part of the show but Nava had performed better. Bodybuilding requires a major lifestyle change that includes intake of a better diet and more exercise. Some even buy SARMs, the daily supplement, to get that desired shape and strength.

If you are considering taking big on the lifestyle, you must do it gradually and with the consultation of your doctor, since exercising more than your body can handle may lead to excruciating pain.

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