Omran Omais Expresses his thoughts with the help of Phrases

Omran Omais, the Panamanian author has gained popularity for expressing his thoughts on life and religion through phrases on his Instagram page. The young author has over 2 lakh followers on Instagram and he has released his second book, “Life is what it seems” to teach people the secrets to cure themselves. In his first book, “Financial Freedom Through Success via Instagram” he had mentioned many algorithms that influencers use to convince people.

He was a student of Law and Political Science at Santa Maria la Antigua Catholic University (USMA). Omran has shared phrases on life, religion, healing, friendship, money, and fame. One of his popular phrases, “The meaning of life is to feel that there is another life,” is extremely popular among readers. It simply means that it is not easy to find happiness as it requires a lot of wisdom to find happiness in the real world. “A look can make your day completely different”, “Do not look for a love to fill a void”, “you can think, you can talk, but if it is not done, nothing happens” are some of the phrases that he has written to convey his thoughts to people in order to make them understand themselves.

In most of his phrases, he has shared that happiness and love can cure any type of problem that people suffer in their daily life. Omran Omais has asserted that the cure for every type of problem is in the mind and one can heal oneself by programming his mind in the right direction. In addition to this, he has used his phrases to say that every person needs to build his own faith in order to find true knowledge.

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