Rihanna Reveals she Uses the Calender Tip to Ensure Work-Life Balance

The worldwide popular singer, Rihanna has announced that she uses the Calendar Tip to maintain a work-life balance. Rihanna said that she keeps track of her personal days by writing the letter “P” on her calendar and hence block these days to spend time with her family. The Grammy winner and entrepreneur also expressed that it is of utmost important to find some time for oneself in order to enjoy both personal as well as professional life on a high note.

Rihanna said that she started this technique of saving some days for herself from the calendar a couple of years ago. She highlighted that it was getting pretty difficult for her to enjoy her professional life and the unhappiness in her personal life prompted her to go for this technique. The businesswoman said that she takes a day off after working for 2-3 days every week. This technique of her is trending over the twitter and even the US president Donald Trump has liked her post on this subject.

While sharing her thoughts in Interview Magazine, she told the actress Sarah Paulson that it is important for a person to time for himself in order to enjoy his work. She revealed that she took some time off with her family in Barbados which improved her mental health substantially and it eventually helped in keeping her motivated towards her work. In addition to this, the interview magazine also highlights that Rihanna Raves With Hassan Jameel and discusses her marriage plans. Taking about her routine in personal days, Rihanna said that she chooses to do grocery shopping with her family and often goes for a walk to focus on her personal life.

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