C++ Popularity Bounce Back Again, Leaving Behind Python

35 years old programing language, C++, is again getting popularity among programmers and has reached a top position after leaving behind Python, its competitor. C++ was introduced in 1985 as an extension of C language. And now it is running on the latest version C++17 which is compatible for major C++ compilers including Microsoft Visual Studio, Clang and GNU Compiler Collection. International organization, Working Group 21, which standardized C++, is working on C++20.

Microsoft’s official, Herb Sutter, has chaired Working Group 21’s meeting and he said that C++20 will be the largest release of C++ after C++11 which was released in 2011. C++20 will be powered with two new features namely, modules and coroutines.

C++ has an 8.83% share in the market for this month and is ranking at a top position among all programming languages. Ranking of C++ is calculated through the results received from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Wikipedia. All the platforms have shown incredible rise in popularity and usefulness of C++ among developers. This led C++ to overtake the popularity of Python. Python is much behind C++ and has 8.16% share for this month.

Earlier C++ was not an easy language but the launch of C++11 made it simpler to understand for programmers. The language took time to get support from compilers but now C++11, C++14, and C++17 have support from popular compilers which make this language popular worldwide.

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