Steven Paulsen Appointed as the new CFO of Fireball Approves

Steven Paulsen, Waterfront Real Estate Broker in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Jacksonville, FL, United States – Fireball Approves recently appointed its new CFO, Steven Paulsen. Steven has around 20 years of past experience in the licensed real estate brokerage and executive roles. And Fireball Approves being a rental verification and scam prevention services provider, made the just decision by appointing Steven Paulsen.

His past experience in the real estate industry will prove beneficial for the company, and that experience will come handy when taking the right decisions in regards to Fireball Approves’ finances. He will also be able to provide the expert consultation when it comes to housing matters like procedures, verbiage, and any other kind of housing processes.

The CEO of the company, Tammy Sorrento, is very happy with the decision and shares, “Onboarding Steven Paulsen as CFO of Fireball Approves is one of the best decisions the company has ever made. Mr. Paulsen brings to our executive team years of finance and transactional experience. With an extensive background in financial planning, operations, and executive management, Mr. Paulsen is well positioned to enact proper risk management policy. There is no better person to help Fireball Approves accelerate revenue growth and enact our core company vision of becoming the world leader in rental verification services and scam prevention.”

Mr. Paulsen too is very delighted to join the company and lend his knowledge in this field to prevent rental scammers. He believes that joining this company is a once in a lifetime opportunity since the company is focused on protecting people rather than meeting the bottom line.

Tammy Sorrento started this company after being fed up with numerous property listing scams. She is a grandmother, lovingly called Fireball, who was looking for a rental property in Key West, FL, to spend a vacation with her whole family. And despite seeing numerous amazing listings, she trusted her instincts of things too good to be true and did a thorough research. And the listings, in fact, turned out to be scams. That 1 experience kick started her new venture of Fireball Approves, which now investigates the validity of rental listings that the renters are in need of. This company vouches to protect people from property and listing scams.

Media Contact for Fireball Approves:

Fireball Approves Investigations

Jacksonville, FL 32241


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