Sensors Expo 2019: Micronor to Unveil 3rd Generation Fiber Optic Incremental Encoders

Camarillo, US – Sensor Expo 2019, which is going to take place from June 26-27, 2019 at San Jose, CA, USA would see the launch of MR340 series ZapFREE Fiber Optic Rotary and Linear Incremental Encoders by Micronor. With the help of EMI, RFI, Microwaves, Magnetic Fields, High Voltage, and Explosive Atmospheres, the new products would bring a comprehensive family of solutions for End User as well as OEM motion control operations. Due to the new optical design, it will be possible to reduce Controller size and cost, which would enable new applications to offer a fiber optic solution.

Before introducing the products at Sensors Expo 2019, Micronor had mentioned the performance specifications for MR340 series Sensors and MR340 series Controllers. The MR340 series has been used in industrial, medical, and military applications as this series satisfies the need for high performance, safety, and reliability. Oil drilling equipment, hoists, conveyors, and monitoring anode position in arc furnaces are some of the areas where MR340 series could be used.

MR340 series Sensors are 100% passive and can help to ensure interference-free fiber optic transmission up to 2000 meters. These sensors are immune to EMI, RFI, magnetic fields, high voltage, radiation, and ground loops. Since these are non-metallic models, they could be used for imaging as well as nano-magnetic applications. Standard duplex OM1 62.5/125 multimode fiber is used in Fiber optic encoder link. It has a rotary resolution to 1024 ppr, a linear resolution to 100um and could work in the temperature range -60 degrees Celsius to +125 degree Celsius.

The specifications of MR340 series Controllers include programmable analog output, 10V or 4-20 mA. It has built-in USB, SSI, and RS485/Modbus RTU communication interfaces and it is available in DIN  Rail and OEM models.

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