Rees-Mogg Receives Criticism for his New Book

Jacob Rees Mogg has received criticism for his new book, “The Victorians: Twelve Titans Who Forged Britain“. He was commissioned to write the book three years ago and it got published on the date of bi-century of the eponymous empress’s birth in the current year. Mogg invested about 300 hours to complete the project but the reviewers have not offered a kind treatment to the author.

Historian AN Wilson described the 12 profiles as “a dozen clumsily written pompous schoolboy compositions” and described his book as “morally repellent”. Dominic Sandbrook said that it is the single book which has been badly written on the Victorians. Kathryn Hughes said that the book represents the right-wing vision of Britain. And he further said that Rees-Mogg didn’t use his creativity and intellect which he gained while being the member of the parliament.

As per our source (, this book by Rees Mogg carries an element of sentimental jingoism. The book fits best for the celebrity autobiography section in the bookstore. Well, such type of works of writers need to be handled with delicacy and patience. And the stature of the author should not be affected and his self-esteem needs to be maintained well. Rees-Mogg wrote the book by keeping the best elements into account as per his thinking. His supporters might protect him by calling the criticism by historians as “politically motivated.”

Wilson even said that the book by Mogg is so terrible that if there were any other author’s name associated with it then it would not have been published. He described the book as “terrible, bad and mind-boggling.”

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