Dylan Jacob’s BrüMate Expands Product Lines and Opens Borders

BrüMate, an insulated drinkware brand, takes next steps to accelerate its company’s growth through expansion of its existing product portfolio and international distribution. With over 6 new product lines in the works, and an Australian, European, and Canadian warehouse opening in 2019, BrüMate sets sights on the 9-figure club.

BrüMate founded in 2016 has a clear purpose, which is to change the way people consume their favorite adult beverages. BrüMate offers a wide range of products that are highly functional in maintaining the temperature of different beverages. Dylan Jacob, the founder of BrüMate, is the sole creator and designer behind all the products sold on the platform.

While talking about the expansion, Dylan Jacob said, “We are optimistic about these products. The result and customer feedback encourages us to design better products that are more functional and useful than what currently exists. Our aim is to recognize the gap in the market and develop products that address the needs of a wide range of customers.”

In the span of 3 years, BrüMate has scaled new avenues by reaching $35 million in revenue and plans to grow further with 6 new product collections and international distribution in Canada, Australia, and Europe. Started with a Hopsulator, a 3-in-1 insulated beer koozie, the company has come a long way since inception. The latest entrant to the ever-expanding portfolio is NOS’R, the world’s first stainless-steel insulated nosing glass.

Dylan designed BrüMate’s first product out of interest to keep his beer cold. Nobody wants to drink warm beer, so he knew it was a problem he had to solve. It was then that he used his strong experience in the e-commerce, sourcing, and product development field to design a ground-running Hopsulator.

The newest collection of products outpaces the existing product line, while still maintaining BrüMate’s iconic look and feel. Dylan represents the company’s ambitious plan to generate 9-figure revenue in the years to come. He adds, “Our aim is to achieve significant growth by constantly introducing new products that are ahead of the curve, improving the customer experience, implementing new marketing channels, and ramping up our distribution outside of the US.”

Considering that BrüMate never appeared for any trade shows, they surely demonstrate great potential with their offerings. BrüMate’s presence spans across 15 countries through thousands of retailers. Dylan Jacob, who has made two successful exits from his previously founded companies, hopes to expand BrüMate and guide other entrepreneurs through his own experiences.

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