HIV Data Leak Accused, Mikhy Ferrera Brochez’s Lawyer Quits

Singapore – HIV Data leak accused Mikhy Farrera Brochez’s lawyer, John Oakley, has quit his case after citing “serious persistent and irreconcilable differences” between them. Mikhy Brochez is accused of leaking 14,200 people’s HIV positive status and personal information from HIV test Singapore registry.

Lawyer John Oakley gave his statement in the court that Brochez has made the “false accusations regarding promises and assurances” in the court regarding the case. According to the court documents, Mikhy Brochez also said that he is not satisfied with Oakley’s advice and services. Due to the accusations, his lawyer John Oakley felt that he can no longer represent this client in an ethical manner.

Hearings of Mikhy Brochez in the court has been delayed to June 3, after Oakley denied to represent him in the court.

Brochez previously worked as a Polytechnic lecturer in Singapore. During his tenure as a lecturer, he had not only stolen HIV data of the patients, but also shared it with the others. US court ordered Brochez in March to surrender the leaked data to Singapore authorities and remove all the posts from the internet regarding the data.

Earlier in April last year, he was deported from Singapore for lying about his HIV status to get the employment.

Now, the lawyer Adele Brown will represent Mikhy Farrera Brochez’s case in further hearings. She applied for an extension to be prepared for the case.

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