Halle Berry gives Insights on how she Followed Keto Diet for a long Period

Halle Berry, the well-known American actress, has come up with her experience of following keto-diet for a long time while she was undergoing training for the movie, John Wick. She shared an Instagram story with her personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas on her Friday installment of “#PHIT Talks.” Halle discussed how she introduced the keto diet schedule in her life and took questions related to dieting. Also, she answered about meal replacement shakes which helped her stay in good shape during her training for her role in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

While revealing about the schedule of her keto pure diet, Halle expressed her views on the importance of cheat day. She said that on cheat days, one should eat whatever he or she likes and satisfy his or her cravings to the fullest. This simply helps a person to follow the keto diet regime with more enthusiasm. Also, Halle explained that one could dive into the keto diet regime instantly or gradually. And she said that she started following the keto diet instantly as it is her personality trait to jump right into things and tackle it easily.

Halle said that it depends on a person’s will as in what way he wants to adopt the keto lifestyle. Also, she highlighted that it is very important for newcomers to slowly start following the keto lifestyle so that it works for them easily. It is very important to monitor the energy level, the way your body feels on starting the keto pure diet lifestyle.

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