Police Analyses Dashboard Camera Images of Those Involved in a Collision with a Car in Japan

OTSU, SHIGA – Japan police has been analyzing the images of a dashboard camera of a vehicle which rammed into a car and resulted in the death of two toddlers. Many other toddlers were also injured in the car accident which led to death and injuries of many travelers. The accident took place at the intersection where children and teachers were walking. But both the drivers had not received any injuries in the accident. Police arrested the car driver, Fumiko Shintate, at the accident scene on the charges of negligent driving.

During the police interrogation, Fumiko confessed that she was not driving alertly when the accident took place. Also, she said that due to lack of enough attention while taking a right turn, she rammed into the light vehicle which was traveling in the opposite lane at an intersection in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture. Japan police has been investigating her for negligent driving as she was not aware of the road traffic when the accident took place.

Michiko Shimoyama, who was driving the light vehicle, was also arrested by the police at the scene but released as she was not responsible for the collision. Western Japan police has taken out the dashboard camera equipped on the vehicle to investigate the matter further. As there were no guardrails or curbs at the intersection so the nursery teachers, as well as students, got injured in an accident.

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