Valor Media CEO Michael Valor looks to Integrate Brand and Culture to Compete Online

All publicity is good publicity. That phrase can be left in the past. Companies today will tell you that bad publicity can massively dent a brand. We no longer live in simple times. Our world carries complexities that operate with technology, people, and culture.

A brand doesn’t get popular solely because of a good product or service. There’s a lot more that goes into it. It’s important to build a fortress of culture around a brand that will help it face any bad weather.

Michael Valor, CEO and Founder of Valor Media, is a committed entrepreneur who’s now on a mission to integrate brand and culture to promote an environment that enhances the experience for all parties involved – clients, employees, and society as a whole.

Michael says, “As a leader, it is your responsibility to build profitable relationships for both parties. It’s time to think differently and align brand and culture that will enhance client experiences and ultimately help a business grow. To do this, you first need to have a great internal culture. Businesses that are built for the long-term don’t have an exterior brand that is different from how employees are treated by the company or how employees interact with one another. At Valor Media, we consider our brand pillars and company culture as the set of values that bond our employees together.”

Being a creative mastermind, after graduating from high school, Michael’s first job was in the advertising industry. He witnessed firsthand the schemes that advertising companies would put in place to mask value to their potential clients & immediately wanted to do something about it. With the advancement in technology over the last decade, he developed and coined the term Impact Marketing. He says, “The world deserved more characters in brands and people, and through the mixture of technology and duplicable human resources, we could create a system that would revolutionize the advertising space.”

Michael has serviced over 50 reputed clients that include Aston Martin, Montage Hotels, UFC, Miami Heat, and many more. The visionary even built an eco-friendly bus shelter that he sold in Shanghai, China

Michael is a world-renowned speaker & future diplomat. His advertising prowess led him to be brought in to speak at the World Future Society and multi-million dollar masterminds at Leo Burnett for marketing discussions with McDonald’s, Toyota, and Johnson & Johnson.

With so much competition in the online realm, infusing culture with the core message of the brand will give them an edge over others. Michael firmly believes that anyone can be anything. He says no job is too big and that he has a powerful game plan for the future and growth of Valor Media.

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