More Asian Companies stress on Importance of Common Formats for Business Letters

Bangalore, India РRecently, a meet was held in Bangalore, tech city in India, which brought together the 4 CEOs of some startup companies of Asia. Though the meet was held to talk about the future growth aspects of these companies, one major issue which came into notice was the different Business Reference Letter or presentation letter formats.

Each company followed its own format for presenting important business information in front of the others. And that caused a lot of chaos among the participants of the meeting, which resulted in a huge delay in the scheduled ending time of the meeting.

If we take into account the growth rate of startups in Asia, it would soon become a major problem with each company following its own policies and different formats for important papers such as business appointment letter, report of some study, and so on. There is no standard format which is causing troubles in many cases. And that is why it is time that all the companies, at least in Asia, follow a common reporting format.

The same was also discussed in the meeting held in Bangalore. In fact, as per the poll conducted by OneWorldHerald among various Asian companies, a common consensus was reached to follow some certain guidelines, if not a completely fixed format, for all the business communications and strictly abide by that to avoid any confusion in future and keep meetings to the point.

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