Demand for Genderless Kids Clothing is Increasing Dramatically

LONDON – In a recent study, it has been found that children clothing companies are focusing on making genderless clothes. As more and more people are entering their parenthood, there is a huge demand for kids clothing. And parents are looking for a variety of children clothing options in different colors, sizes, and styles without caring about the gender of their children. It could be seen by visiting any children’s clothing store in the market. founders Christina Carbonell and Galyn Bernard got an idea of starting kids genderless brand Primary in 2015 when they felt the need to choose baby clothes for kids without considering gender in their mind. Also, they noticed the genderless clothing trend in adults which made them believe that it would be a great idea to introduce genderless kids clothes. And it would definitely receive a positive response in the market. And sine then, various online kids clothing stores have been investing in a variety of genderless clothing for children on a large scale.

As adult brands have been available in the genderless category since 2016, this pushed the need for kids brands to be genderless. Many clothing companies such as Coz and Nununu started offering gender-less kids wear brands in the market from 2016. Recently in the month of February, market intelligence agency, Mintel reported that kids clothing market would reach $40.6 billion by 2023. Although it didn’t give any forecasts about gender-less kids clothing, a senior research analyst hinted that about 27% of parents shop for their kids according to their own values. Due to the following of the inclusion principle by a majority of parents, there has been a huge surge in all kids clothing over a course of time.

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